The Elder Scrolls: Blades Wiki Guide

The Elder Scrolls: Blades Wiki Guide

This page includes weaknesses, resistances, and immunities for each enemy you’ll encounter in your time travelling Tamriel. For information on missions, weapons, and armor, check out our Equipment database and Quest guide.

Enemy Weaknesses

Enemy TypeWeaknessesResistancesImmunities
SkeeversFireShock, PoisonNone
SpidersCleaving, FrostSlashing, Shock, PoisonNone
SpriggansCleaving, FireBashing, Frost, ShockNone
WightsCleaving, FireBashing, Shock, PoisonNone
SkeletonsBashing, ShockSlashing, FirePoison
WolvesSlashing, ShockBashing, Fire, FrostNone
BanditsPoisonShock, FrostNone
MercenariesPoisonCleaving, Fire, FrostNone
OutcastsCleaving, ShockBashing, Fire, PoisonNone
WarmastersCleaving, PoisonFrost, ShockNone
ThalmorPoisonSlashing, Frost, ShockNone
BearsSlashing, ShockBashing, Frost, PoisonNone
Goblin WarriorsBashingPoisonNone
Goblin CastersBashing, FrostFire, ShockNone
WispmothersFireBashing, Slashing, Cleaving, PoisonFrost
NecromancersPoisonFire, FrostNone
Nether LichesSlashing, FireBashing, Cleaving, Frost, Shock, PoisonNone
Dremora WarlocksSlashing, FrostCleaving, Fire, ShockNone
Dremora RaidersSlashing, FrostCleaving, Fire, PoisonNone
TrollsBashing, FireSlashing, Frost, ShockNone
DragonsSlashing, FrostCleaving, Fire, PoisonNone
Ancient DragonsSlashing, ShockCleaving, Fire, Frost, PoisonNone

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